Small Business 90 Transitions

Women of Value:  Is about creating opportunities for women who are looking to change their lives.  Women who have come from challenging backgrounds who are ready to choose a different path. 

This is an opportunity to earn a living, use your courage, skills and talents for positive change in your community and for your peers.

This is an opportunity to learn leadership skills, financial skills and build a team of women who want to give opportunities to other women coming out of adverse circumstances for the purpose of building stability for your lives, your children, and community.


  • A laptop.
  • Willing to invest at least $50.00 a month.
  • Willing to recruit other women to pursue their dream of creating $6 to $7 Figure online visions.
  • Willing to attend weekly training.
  • Willing to be committed for at least a year.

Small Business 90 will give you the resources to build a successful team and weekly training to keep you and your team motivated.

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