Small Business 90 Human Services First Responders

SB90 HSFR:  Is about creating opportunities for human service professionals who are looking to change their lives, communities And destroy the mindset of poverty in the field of human services.

The median salary for human services across the board is roughly $30,000 before taxes.  There is no reason for this status quo to continue.

This is an opportunity to build $6 to $7 figure human service and first responder families, for positive change in your community and for your peers, for the purpose of building financial stability for your lives, your children, and community.


  • A laptop.
  • Willing to invest at least $50.00 a month.
  • Willing to recruit other human services professionals to pursue their dream of creating $6 to $7 Figure online visions.
  • Willing to attend weekly training.
  • Willing to be committed for at least a year.

Small Business 90 will give you the resources to build  successful visions, weekly training and a community to keep you motivated and moving forward.

We cannot wait for legislators to raise salaries, we can destroy the mindset of poverty by building profitable successful visions to give back to the families and organizations who are keeping law and order for our communities.

Human services are loved and appreciated.

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